Well what a shocker, we're having a sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday! I know! We're so unique and this is like something that literally NO ONE ELSE is doing right now. Heh. 

Ok - no one else is doing it with our cool "Arcane Objects" like this here antique Royal Standard No 1 Typewriter from 1908. Or our antique French porcelain snail shell inkwell. Or these amazing antique Arts & Crafts bookends from Malibu Potteries. 

We are having a sale on 20% off pretty much everything else in our shop from November 22- 27. 

There are a few things that we cannot place on sale due to the manufacturer's MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) restrictions. What's a MAP? Glad you asked. Some manufacturers won't allow the internet at large to sell their items at too low of a price. So they restrict the sales price. Which is fair. 

However, we can, and have, circumvented this by offering this handy-dandy coupon code for everyone. This can be used to get 20% off of the items that aren't listed as on sale on our site. This coupon will be available and usable from November 19 - November 27. What's the code you ask??


This will get you 20% off if you spend at least $20 on a certain French company's ink, a certain Dutch company's calligraphy sets and a certain American company's ink and fountain pens. It won't work for anything already on sale, only for what's not on sale. 

So to recap - head to ArcaneObjects.shop or ArcaneObjects.store during the Thanksgiving Holidays and save 20% off on fine writing supplies and optical devices! 

We have also been super busy cleaning and photographing some very fine antiques. Check out the shop - there's some astonishingly rare antiques! 

Antique Snail Shell Inkwell