Here is just a short list of what we're currently cleaning, repairing and photographing. 

  • Rare inkwells - including this magnificent English lion you see in the photo and some snail shell inkwells.
  • Three typewriters, the three bank Underwood you see in the photo, plus a Royal No. 1, an Olivetti/Olympus and a Folding Corona.
  • Two French drafting sets with brass instruments.
  • Fifteen antique cameras of various makes and sizes. 
  • Five more opera glasses

These items are in the queue and being cleaned and photographed weekly. We are constantly posting more on our website, so please check back weekly for new items. We are also listing new J. Herbin Inks , Art Supplies, Fountain Pens, and Christmas Cards and stickers. 

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We will send you a newsletter twice a month, and most newsletters contain unique discount codes for all of our items. Some of these items are products that have a MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) and we can ONLY offer discounts on these items through coupon codes. (These are items like the Calligraphy sets and ink.) 

J. Herbin Bleu Des Profondeurs