About - Arcane Objects

Purveyors of eclectic antiques and fine stationery goods.

Arcane Objects specializes in selling eclectic antiques, antique cameras, typewriters, calligraphy & fine art supplies, and anything antique with a lens! Established in 2007, we are based in the gorgeous Napa Valley of California. We source our quality art supplies and calligraphy supplies throughout the world and have recently added lines from France, The Netherlands, Italy and Mexico.

This business was started as a way to pay the rent while we were working on our first indie film "Ringers: Lord of the Fans."

This filmmaking thing morphed from us being co-workers to best-friends then into love, and eventually marriage. It's hard to find another human obsessed with pop-culture, filmmaking, "Lord of the Rings", vintage typewriters, vintage cameras and flea markets - but we did it!

Carlene was a professional illustrator and an award-winning fine artist, then went on to run the online art supply store for The Academy of Art University in San Francisco. Here, she learned much about fine art supplies and suppliers. She now works to source the finest quality art supplies and antiques for our Etsy store.

John, (a musician) is also a professional video producer, editor and videographer. He also loves vintage cameras, magic lanterns, typewriters, antique microscopes and anything with a lens.

We hope you enjoy our highly curated "Arcane Objects" as much as we enjoy searching for them! Thanks for visiting our shop - and have a great day!

For more information about our products, our process and more photos of our Arcane Objects; 
Visit our blog and website! http://www.arcaneobjects.com

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